Joshua’s First Post

Hi there everybody. I decided that it is time for me to start blogging. Recently, everyone has been asking about how I feel about going to Uganda. For the record, I haven’t for a second had any reservations about moving to Africa. I was thinking tonight on my way home from bible class about Africa. I know that I either have to jump into this journey with a completely open heart and mind, or not go at all. I decided that I will make every effort to ensure that I help as many people as I possibly can in Uganda. I think that God calls us to help those less fortunate in some way, whether that means moving to Africa for six months or supporting missionaries. I want to thank everyone for being so supportive of me and my family these past few months. 

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  1. Creg Istre
    Creg Istre says:

    Joshua, I admire your humble attitude and servant heart that is evident in your words. I wish that I had gotten more involved in Kingdom work when I was your age. There is no greater feeling of joy and fulfillment than living out a great adventure for God. Be thankful that you are a part of a family that truly seeks to be a part of God’s plan. May God bless you in more ways than you can imagine.

  2. Kari Coppinger
    Kari Coppinger says:

    Seth really looks up to you and is going to miss you. I’m excited to share with him what you post while you’re there and jumping in. Will be praying for you and your family in your journey.


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