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Made in the Streets

A few weeks ago, we left for Kenya. We went to Made in the Streets, or MITS, as everyone calls it, with our youth group from Malibu. MITS is an organization that takes in street kids from slums like Eastleigh and Mathare Valley. MITS is just outside of Nairobi in a town called Kamulu. It […]


At 10:00 p.m. on Friday the 27th, our plane touched down in Entebbe.  We went through customs, looking for the person we were told to meet in the airport.  Finally, we found him and he helped up with our ten suitcases.  Exhausted, we were taken to a VIP lounge where we met Margaret.  She had […]


Many people have asked me if I’m afraid of going to Uganda, it being more dangerous than the U.S.  I always say no, but I’ve recently come up with a more complete answer. A snail is slow, a turtle is faster, a mouse is faster than a turtle, a cat is faster than a mouse, […]

Joshua’s First Post

Hi there everybody. I decided that it is time for me to start blogging. Recently, everyone has been asking about how I feel about going to Uganda. For the record, I haven’t for a second had any reservations about moving to Africa. I was thinking tonight on my way home from bible class about Africa. […]