Many people have asked me if I’m afraid of going to Uganda, it being more dangerous than the U.S.  I always say no, but I’ve recently come up with a more complete answer.

A snail is slow, a turtle is faster, a mouse is faster than a turtle, a cat is faster than a mouse, a dog is faster than a cat, a wolf is faster than a dog, a cheetah is faster than a wolf, a car is faster than a cheetah, a plane is faster than a car, a jet is faster than a plane, sound is faster than a jet, light is faster than sound.

A flea is small, a centipede is bigger than a flea, a mouse is bigger than a centipede, a tissue box is bigger than a mouse, a laptop is bigger than a tissue box, a picnic basket is bigger than a laptop, a person is bigger than a picnic basket, an ostrich is bigger than a person, an elephant is bigger than an ostrich, an acre is bigger than an elephant, a county is bigger than an acre, a country is bigger than a county, a continent is bigger than a country, the Earth is bigger than a continent, the solar system is bigger than the Earth, the Milky Way is bigger than the solar system, the universe is bigger than the Milky Way.

A shadow is dim, a glow worm is brighter than a shadow, a key chain light is brighter than a glow worm, a light bulb is brighter than a key chain light, a television is brighter than a light bulb, a street light is brighter than a television, a stadium light is brighter than a street light, the moon is brighter than a stadium light, the sun is brighter than the moon.

A baby is weak, a child is stronger than a baby, an adult is stronger than a child, a wrestler is stronger than an adult, a gun is stronger than a wrestler, a bazooka is stronger than a gun, a missile is stronger than a bazooka, an atomic bomb is stronger than a missile.

God is faster than light, bigger than the universe, brighter than the sun, and stronger than an atomic bomb, so what do we have to fear?

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  1. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    That is an amazing way to put it. I never thought of it like that. I’m really glad you posted that;it made me think about fear in a completely different way!


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