Blood Lab Round 2

Jared practices with the tourniquet

I’m so excited and scared for Tuesday. Tuesday is the day that I leave with the Gregston family to go on a 5 day medical mission trip. That’s the exciting part. The scary part is that there will be no lab technician. We’re not quite sure what our lab capabilities will be yet, but whatever they are, in America, they generally aren’t run by two 16 year olds and a 12 year old. Thankfully, because of our “practice” (stabbing various Ugandans) in the lab, I would trust Jake with my life when it comes to malaria and there is no one I would rather have draw my blood than Jared the 6th grader, so we’re in pretty good shape. The downside is that not one of us has even set foot in med school, so we really have to rely completely on each other. And people thought “trust falls” were a good team building experience..

I feel so blessed that the Gregstons are letting me come with them on their trip and so grateful that they are here. I’m reminded hourly (they live about 2 meters below us) how amazing it is to have them here. I can’t imagine our trip without them. This is one of the few times in my life that it has fully and completely hit me that God really knows what we need before we even ask.

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  1. Tana Gregston
    Tana Gregston says:

    Jessica, You have two pretty good fellas helping you in the lab. It sounds like you are becoming an amazing team. I’ve known them both for quite a while and ummmm…I don’t know if I would trust them withing 20 ft. of me with a NEEDLE!!! lol!! I know you are all having an amazing time and I can’t wait to meet your family when we come visit in May. Keep my #1 and #2 grandsons in line! Nanny

    • Claudette Wilson
      Claudette Wilson says:

      Jessica, You are an amazing young woman. I think this experience is one that is going to teach you lessons that very few young women your age have the opportunity to learn. I like the fact that you are not only relying on the Lord, but you are relying on your friends, the Gregston’s. And your Mother and Father are happy for you to have this five day trip away from them even at the beginning of your time in Uganda. They are trusting you and the lab with blood which is certainly a dangerous matter when testing for HIV. No one would handle it more carefully and our Care Group will be in prayer for this work. God bless you and the Gregston Family. Love, Claudette

  2. Aaron Echols
    Aaron Echols says:

    Jessica – you are an outstanding writer and I really enjoy your perspective and open heart to what God is showing you. Keep up the great work.


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