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“…If you do not stand firm in your faith, you will not stand at all” (the second part of Isaiah 7:9). For those of us that would consider ourselves strong, or even proficient Christians, standing firm in faith should be something that is second nature. If someone told us that God didn’t love us, that […]


Have you ever met someone who was such a tool it’s not even funny? I got to meet 2 huge tools on this trip to Uganda. But these guys were tools for God. They have completely blessed my life and changed me in ways I’m not sure they even know about. The first was Steve. […]

Trip to the Girls’ Home

What would you do to be able to go to school? Drive half an hour? Walk through the snow? Go uphill both ways? Sell everything you are? It’s heartbreaking to know how much we take school for granted when there are young girls that will literally sell themselves for the tiny amount of money it […]

Trip to Mubende

The Gregston family and I left mid-afternoon on last Tuesday and drove about 3 hours to Mubende. After the first night, we fell into a routine of getting up early, doing a devotional, eating breakfast, working at a “clinic,” going back to the hotel and showering, eating dinner, and going to bed a few hours […]

Blood Lab Round 2

I’m so excited and scared for Tuesday. Tuesday is the day that I leave with the Gregston family to go on a 5 day medical mission trip. That’s the exciting part. The scary part is that there will be no lab technician. We’re not quite sure what our lab capabilities will be yet, but whatever […]

Underage and Underqualified

I’ve never had much sympathy for Moses. I mean, he heard the voice of God commanding him, how did he even have it in him to ask for someone else to be provided in his place? But I realized recently I’m guilty of doing exactly the same thing–I just don’t say it to the burning […]

A Year Later

After moving cities, going to the suicide funeral of a middle school friend, preparing to leave the country, and truly learning the meaning of “miscommunication,” I know that God is good. Usually not in the ways that I expect or even want, but God is good. God was good when I sat in my car […]