At 10:00 p.m. on Friday the 27th, our plane touched down in Entebbe.  We went through customs, looking for the person we were told to meet in the airport.  Finally, we found him and he helped up with our ten suitcases.  Exhausted, we were taken to a VIP lounge where we met Margaret.  She had visited Pepperdine a few months ago with some Ugandan Justices.  We were greeted warmly and shown to some cars.  Our luggage was put in a van, and we piled into a smaller car.  We then started the near two hour journey to Royal Suites Bugolobi.  The only words I can use to describe how I felt are ‘culture shock’.  Everything is so different in Uganda.  At night, the city is still lit up and full of music.  I don’t mean that people were using instruments; they were using radios and stereos.  It smelled like burning wood constantly, and there were some piles of burning garbage.  Though Uganda is nearly the opposite of America; for the first time, I am home.

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