Trip to the Girls’ Home

What would you do to be able to go to school? Drive half an hour? Walk through the snow? Go uphill both ways? Sell everything you are? It’s heartbreaking to know how much we take school for granted when there are young girls that will literally sell themselves for the tiny amount of money it takes to go to overcrowded public schools here. These girls are my age. I’m so disgusted by the kind of person that they have to go to for that money. For those of you who have daughters, I want you to imagine them having to go through that just so they can go to a place where there are up to 100 students per teacher. I hope that makes you sick because that is what God sees every time a girl is needlessly used. Something in you should say, “That’s not okay with me.” One of the girls spoke about how before she came to the home, she felt completely worthless. These girls are beautiful and sweet and amazing and the world makes them feel like trash. It makes you wonder what Jesus wrote in the sand. Because Jesus is what has healed these girls. The “aunties” that run the home told us that they teach the girls about the life of Jesus because he is the best model for our life. The oldest girl, instead of being angry about what has been done to her in the past, spoke about letting go of anger in order to truly receive God’s blessings. Letting go of the fact that that car cut you off this morning seems easy when compared to letting go of sexual abuse. The girls at this home (at least the ones that have been there for longer than a few months) are confident and eloquent and you can clearly see how Jesus has transformed their lives. It’s hard to explain, but these ex-child prostitutes have more joy in their hearts than almost every single Christian I know. They know that it’s not about who you were, but who you are through Christ.

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  1. Mike and Trellys Henley
    Mike and Trellys Henley says:

    We are so amazed at the experiences and insights you are writing about. We can’t help but wonder what the effects of these experiences are going to have on all of you and what a joy it is for the people you meet to know that you care about them. Way to go, Jessica and Jennifer!

  2. Becky
    Becky says:

    What all three of you are doing will touch so many lives – and your lives will be forever touched as well. Jessica, this was a beautiful piece. I could feel your anger and it stirred mine as well. I will pray for the girls.
    Love, Becky Keller

  3. Giancarlo Rodriguez
    Giancarlo Rodriguez says:

    Hey Jessica, I just read all of your blog posts and I am just amazed by all of the things you and your family have done. You guys are causing a huge impact on everyone there through God and I am so thankful to have a friend like you. Miss you guys and God bless :]


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