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Photo Processing

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? This one is worth more than that to me. I am still processing it, but when I see this photo, I remember the surreal week I just experienced in Uganda. Without this photo, it is hard to believe I was actually there. The day after I returned, […]

Field Trips

Do you remember the excitement of field trips when you were in school?  Field trips meant getting out of the classroom, seeing something new, and socializing with friends on the bus.  Recently I found out that field trips haven’t changed much.  Whether you are in kindergarten visiting the local fire station or in college visiting […]

Lions in London

You’ve probably seen photos of the lion statues in London, but you might not know why they are here.  Every time we have lived in London, I have joined the crowds of tourists taking photos of their children between the great lion’s paws, but I just recently learned the history of the lions. There are […]


The kids and I just returned from a three day trip to Edinburgh, Scotland.  We found out that Edinburgh had not changed much since our previous visits in 2003 and 2008, but the kids had changed a lot. We took the five hour train ride from London Kings Cross Station to Edinburgh.  If you are […]

Stonehenge and Harry Potter

What do Stonehenge and Harry Potter have in common?  Not much really, except they are both located in England and they are both pretty cool.  On our last two days with Uncle Jerry we took day trips to see Stonehenge (about a two hour bus ride from London to Salisbury) and the Harry Potter studio […]

Gash Family in London

While our family lives in London for the fall semester we hope to keep in touch with family and friends back home by sharing stories and photos of our adventures.  Our arrival was really a walk down memory lane as we saw familiar places.  We are back living in the Pepperdine House at 56 Prince’s […]

Joshua in Uganda!

Joshua and a team of his high school classmates from Oaks Christian School are on a mission trip in Uganda right now. They have been working on service projects and sharing their faith with Ugandan students.  Today they got to have some fun at the Croc Farm and visit the Equator. If you want to […]

Jim Awarded International Lawyer of Year

Please allow me to announce the good news that Jim was awarded the 2013 Warren Christopher International Lawyer of the Year Award by the California State Bar for his work in Uganda with the judiciary to help juvenile and adult prisoners receive access to justice in a timely manner.  The award ceremony, on October 12, […]

New Namuwongo

You know the disappointment you feel when you are expecting to eat something hot, but it’s cold?  Or when you’re expecting to drink a glass of milk, but get orange juice instead?  Neither of those is a pleasant surprise.  But I had a very pleasant surprise on our final day of clinic in Uganda when we […]

Catching Up

We returned “home” to Gaba on Thursday night.  We had a couple of days off clinic to catch up.  Since Jim and I had missed our 23rd wedding anniversary while I was on the road, we went on a long date on Friday. On Saturday we took a trip to Jinja.  On the way we picked up […]