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Mbarara Mobile Medical Clinics

We’ve spent the past couple of days in Mbarara.  I must admit that we’ve been on the road so long that I’m not sure exactly where we are on the map or on the calendar.  The places and days begin to run together.  It’s good to have photos to remember and to share with you. […]

On the road to Rukunjiri

On our way from Kabale to Rukunjiri, we stopped to see the view of Lake Bunyonyi.  We took this time to take a photo of our medical team. The Gregston family is on the left.  Jessica and I are in the center.  David (our driver, clinic helper, and “big brother”) is in the back.  Dr. Joseph […]

Kabale Clinic

We are now in southwestern Uganda near the border of Rwanda, in the city of Kabale.  It is much colder here than any other place I have been in Uganda.  We are out in the country, surrounded by mountains and trees. We started our two-day clinic today in the Revival Tabernacle Church.  We are focusing […]


Since arriving in Uganda, I have enjoyed many reunions with people, places, and things.  It has been great to be reunited with our medical team – the Gregston family and our Ugandan friends Dr. Joseph, Faith, and David.  I have enjoyed seeing familiar places and friendly people.  Eating familiar local food has also been wonderful […]

Rushere Clinic

We headed to Rushere (southwest of Gaba) on Tuesday afternoon.  The roads were under construction much of the way, but the parts that were finished were smooth and fast.  Thankfully, we did not get a flat tire on the van (the result of the bumpy roads) until we arrived to the guest house where we […]

We’re here!

We have arrived safely in Uganda.  We are excited to join the rest of the team.  The Gregston family is pictured on the left (Jake, Jay, Jayne, Jill, and Jared).  Their friend from Oklahoma is the tall guy in the back row (Kyle Mueller).  We are on the right (Jessica, Joline, and Jim). We are […]

Back to Uganda

Today is the day we head back to Uganda.  It is hard to believe that it was nearly one year ago that we left Uganda, after living there for six months.  The people and the places are still fresh in my mind.  But much has happened in that time.  We have changed and I suspect […]


I can hear the cheers through my kitchen window this morning as I wash the breakfast dishes.  It is New Student Orientation week at Pepperdine and the new freshmen are arriving.  Every time a car drives up the dorm road, the NSO counselors cheer so loudly that I can hear it from my house, which […]

Saturday Surprise!

I woke up Saturday morning to a surprise!  Not a good surprise, but a bad one. I had planned on sleeping in on Saturday morning because our kids had been up late in our apartment with Allison, Annie, Abby Claire, and A.J. Brown, watching Harry Potter movies and baking cookies.  Friday night was the last […]

Safari Movie Trailer

Going on safari is a must if you come to Africa.  Last weekend we got to see the best wildlife in Uganda at Murchison Falls National Park.  The photos do not do these animals justice, but we took hundreds of them.  The Brown family of Midland, Texas shared our adventure.  They are here in Uganda, adopting […]