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Life Changing

This weekend we have seen life-changing work – medical, physical, and spiritual. The kids and I spent Saturday with the Gregston family, helping at a one-day medical clinic which took place at a church near Kampala.  The clinic was organized by a group of Kampala-area doctors, dentists, other health care professionals and pastors/counselors who volunteer […]

Precious Preschoolers

We spent today at the Africa Renewal Ministries Early Childhood Development Program, where young preschoolers are educated, cared for, and loved upon.  Today we focused on health check-ups for the one and two-year olds.  About half of them had runny noses, but they were otherwise healthy.  These precious children live in the Gaba community (just […]

A Mother’s Heart

Do you know that empty feeling you get when someone leaves?  It might be from a friend moving away, or a child going off to summer camp, or a sibling leaving for college.  Well, I have that feeling tonight.  When I look around our apartment, nearly everything I see reminds me of Henry.  I see […]

You might be in Uganda if . . .

You might be in Uganda if . . . you went to your doctor’s appointment and were registered at the reception desk by an 11-year-old.  You might be in Uganda if . . . you went to the blood lab and found that the technician drawing your blood is 16-years-old, or even 12-years-old.  You might […]


I have never been accused of being a good cook.  I am a pretty decent baker, but not a cook.  I would say I am more of a re-heater.  In America, I can get by with heating pasta and sauce on the stove, heating bread in the oven, and opening up a pre-packaged salad.  But […]

Hacked . . . Off!

Hacked. That is what happened to my email account. And that is what hacked me off! I woke up this morning in Uganda to several email messages from friends and family, asking if I had sent them an email – the only contents of which was some random link – and wondering if they should […]

First Impressions

First impressions are often colored by past experiences and expectations. Now that I have lived in Uganda for three entire days, I think it’s time to reflect on my first impressions of Africa while they are fresh in my mind. Having visited other third world countries like Costa Rica, Honduras, and parts of the Bahamas, […]

Christmas came early

Have you noticed that Christmas comes earlier every year? This year I noticed stores selling Christmas decorations before Halloween! One of my usual radio stations starting playing only Christmas music before Thanksgiving. How many times can I listen to “Santa Baby” and “Frosty the Snowman”? The day after Thanksgiving is one of the craziest shopping […]